One Pipe Multi-Connect®

Evolving Enterprise Connectivity

Speed of Light Agility with One Pipe Multi-Connect:

At Massive Networks, we’ve reinvented enterprise networking. By dissecting WAN needs and business challenges, our team has reshaped the modern carrier offering. The result? One Pipe Multi-Connect®: a blend of security, reliability, and simplicity.

Massive Advantages with One Pipe Multi-Connect:

Last Mile Connectivity:

Unified single carrier solution to over 60 million fiber-lit buildings across 58+ countries worldwide.

Incredible Flexibility:

Ability to connect offices, data centers and cloud platforms on a high performance network.

High-Speed Connectivity:

Choose from speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 400 Gbps of blended Tier1 data center bandwidth.

Enhanced Security:

Reduce your attack surface by Utilizing private L2 circuits to eliminate the dependence on MPLS or VPNs over public internet.

Simplified Operations:

A single Carrier solution, offering end-to-end operational simplicity, from provisioning and install to billing and ongoing support.

Complete Support:

Expert team of trained professionals ready to help 24/7/365. Entirely U.S.-based monitored and managed NOC, ensuring consistent, reliable support.


Your operators can rest easy knowing Massive provides unparalleled reliability for your end-to-end WAN. With a focus on redundancy and availability in every design decision, One Pipe Multi-Connect® delivers reliable carrier grade ethernet between your connected clouds, offices, data centers through to your last-mile.


One Pipe uses private circuits segmented at Layer 2 to deliver any mix of connectivity traffic to your door. This provides an extra layer of security through traffic segmentation, while reducing your attack surface by reducing reliance on public internet connections.


One Pipe Multi-Connect® streamlines network management by offering a simplified end-to-end solution from provisioning to billing. This further enhances operational and finance simplicity by eliminating the need for multiple carriers. Taking simplicity even further, Massive solutions are backed by 24/7 monitoring, proactive alerting, and direct access to highly trained, US-based, support teams.

One Carrier, One MSA, One Support Team all on One Pipe Multi-Connect®

Simplify Your Network With Flexible, Secure Network Connectivity That Has The Scalability Your Business Needs.

Get Your One Pipe Today

Data Center Grade Connectivity to the Last-Mile

One Pipe delivers top-tier, redundant connections straight to your doorstep. Whether it’s for inter-office, data center, cloud, or internet links, our system enables swift, flexible connections. Rapidly integrate new offices or data centers, with each traffic type benefiting from secure, dedicated Layer 2 (L2) connections. This not only segments your network for enhanced layered security but also shields your data from internet vulnerabilities.

Your Carrier Evolved

One Pipe connects you to over 60 million fiber-lit buildings globally, reaching major MSPs and office locations. It’s more than just connectivity; it’s about creating agile, hybrid cloud environments with our Cloud Connect feature. And you’re not alone – our engineering team will customize solutions to fit your unique needs. With Massive Networks, you don’t just get a connection; you gain a team of carrier design experts.

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