SaaS Connect

Your High-Performance Connection to Critical SaaS Platforms

Streamlined SaaS Access:

Massive Networks’ SaaS Connect offers peering and private connections to major SaaS providers like Salesforce, Office365, and ServiceNow. This bypasses public internet routes, enhancing security and user experience. With over 60 million fiber-lit locations in 58 countries, connecting your team to SaaS platforms is more efficient than ever.

The Massive Advantages of SaaS Connect®

Robust Security

SaaS Connect mitigates security threats by providing a dedicated segmented connection, reducing vulnerabilities. It ensures sensitive information, such as financial data in Workday or personal details in Salesforce, remains secure, away from the public internet's risks.

Optimized Performance

Our direct SaaS connections reduce latency and avoid public internet congestion, crucial for real-time content creation and collaboration and increased productivity. This results in instantaneous updates and a more synchronized workflow, essential for applications like Adobe Cloud.

High-Capacity Connectivity

One Pipe goes beyond simple direct connections. It offers up to 400 Gig bandwidth, supporting diverse needs such as Blended Internet, Cloud Access, and Enterprise WAN. It's designed to scale with your organization, surpassing traditional connectivity limitations.

Need A High-Performance Connection to Your Saas Platforms?

Increase productivity, avoid congested routes across the public internet, use our high-performance, secure, segmented connections to all your SaaS platforms.

Connect Your Platforms

Experience Massive Benefits with SaaS Connect

Improved User Experience:

Direct connections offer smoother interactions with SaaS platforms, boosting productivity and user satisfaction.

Reduced Latency:

Lower latency means faster real-time data processing, quicker access to SaaS applications and increased performance.

Enhanced Security:

With less exposure to public internet risks, SaaS Connect provides robust encryption for secure data transmission.

Reliable Connectivity:

Experience consistent network performance, free from the security public internet fluctuations in performance.

Simplified Operations:

A single Carrier solution, offering end-to-end operational simplicity, from provisioning and install to billing and ongoing support.

Complete Support:

Expert team of trained professionals ready to help 24/7/365. Entirely U.S.-based monitored and managed NOC, ensuring consistent, reliable support.

Part of the Multi-Connect Suite

SaaS Connect, along with Data Center Connect, Cloud Connect, and Office Connect, forms part of the innovative One Pipe Multi-Connect® suite. This suite represents a leap in carrier-delivered service, offering a secure and agile network.



Your Strategic Connectivity Partner

Choosing Massive Networks means more than just selecting a service provider. It’s about partnering with a visionary in connectivity and carrier services, ensuring your enterprise network drives growth and innovation. With One Pipe Multi-Connect, unlock unparalleled network agility, and transform your office connectivity into a powerhouse for success.

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