Office to Office Connect®

Transforming Connectivity in a Decentralized World

The shift towards distributed and flexible office models necessitates an agile and reliable connectivity solution. Office to Office Connect® by Massive Networks is designed to provide a high-performance, secure, and scalable networking infrastructure across multiple office locations, facilitating seamless communication and resource sharing.

The Office to Office Connect Advantage

Superior Network Security

Office to Office Connect® reduces your attack surface by segmenting critical workloads between your offices to safeguard data across your network. Isolation from the public internet, shields internal data and caters to compliance needs for industries such as Healthcare, Financial, Federal, State and Local Governments.

Reliable Global Infrastructure

Office to Office Connect® provides businesses with a reliable and private network connection across multiple office environments, utilizing an extensive global network of over 60 million fiber-lit locations to ensure consistent, high-quality connectivity for all office locations, including remote and satellite offices.

Simplified Scalable Solution

Designed for scalability and network simplicity, Office to Office Connect® enables easy bandwidth upgrades and seamless integration of new office locations into your network, minimizing the need for extensive network reconfiguration and complex, sometimes expensive network equipment upgrades.

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Flexible Features

Last Mile Connectivity:

Unified single carrier solution to over 60 million fiber-lit buildings across 58+ countries worldwide.

Network Flexibility:

Ability to connect offices, data centers and cloud platforms on a high performance network.

High-Speed Connectivity:

Choose from speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 400 Gbps of blended Tier1 data center bandwidth.

Secure Connections:

Reduce your attack surface by Utilizing private L2 circuits to eliminate the dependence on MPLS or VPNs over public internet.

Simplified Operations:

A single Carrier solution, offering end-to-end operational simplicity, from provisioning and install to billing and ongoing support.

Complete Support:

Expert team of trained professionals ready to help 24/7/365. Entirely U.S.-based monitored and managed NOC, ensuring consistent, reliable support.

Simplified Network Management

Massive Networks is the single point of contact for all network-related operations, from setup and provisioning to billing and carrier management. This single carrier solution simplifies the operational complexities associated with multi-carrier network management.


Part of the Multi-Connect Suite

As a component of the Multi-Connect suite, which includes Data Center Connect, Cloud Connect, and Premium Blended Internet. Comprehensive solutions for modern networking needs, characterized by reliability, security, and simplicity.


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