Cloud Connect

Revolutionizing Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Connect by Massive Networks combines the ease and global reach of VPNs with the high performance and reliability of Carrier Ethernet. This integration ensures a reliable, secure, and streamlined solution for all business data streams, unlike traditional VPNs or Carrier Ethernet alone. By choosing Cloud Connect, businesses gain an evolved networking solution that guarantees the best cloud connectivity.

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Reliable Cloud Connections

Cloud Connect directly connects to cloud providers, sidestepping the public internet for more secure and consistent data transfer. It’s beneficial for critical services, where secure and fast data handling is essential. Cloud Connect also fits well with hybrid cloud setups, helping manage data between local data centers and the cloud.

The Cloud Connect Advantage

Optimized for Major Cloud Providers

Tailored to work efficiently with the leading cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP, providing businesses with a single versatile and comprehensive cloud connectivity solution that helps reduce egress fees.

Enhanced Security

Reduce your attack surface by utilizing private L2 circuits to eliminate the dependence on MPLS or VPNs over public internet.

Increased Reliability

Ensures stable and consistent connectivity to cloud services, vital for critical business operations and cloud-based applications.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Facilitates the effective use of hybrid cloud architectures, allowing for seamless data movement between on-premises and cloud environments.

Optimized Last Mile Connectivity

Unified single carrier solution to over 60 million fiber-lit buildings across 58+ countries worldwide.

Simplified Operations

A single Carrier solution, offering end-to-end operational simplicity, from provisioning and install to billing and ongoing support.

Complete US Based Support

Expert team of trained professionals ready to help 24/7/365. Entirely U.S.-based monitored and managed NOC, ensuring consistent, reliable support.

One Carrier, One MSA, One Invoice, One Pipe-MultiConnect®

Designed for cloud-first enterprises, our solution ensures fast, dedicated network performance for cloud services & applications, improving efficiency & productivity.

Connect Your Cloud

Cloud Connectivity Simplified

With One Pipe Multi-Connect and Cloud Connect, you can connect to all your cloud platforms from over 60 million fiber-lit buildings globally. Massive Networks handles the complexities of navigating multi-cloud networking. It works well across major cloud platforms, ensuring easier and more efficient operations.

Direct Cloud Access

Cloud Connect offers a straightforward way to connect directly to major cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP. This solution is ideal for companies looking for reliable and secure cloud access, facilitating easy integration with services such as EC2 and S3. It’s especially useful for businesses that combine cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

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