Virtual Servers

Enterprise Performance & Security

Massive’s virtual cloud server infrastructure is defined by constant uptime and accessibility and fortified with redundant systems. This ensures optimal network performance and security. Want more? We offer enhanced cloud-based security solutions as an optional add-on, providing an added layer of protection for your network operations.

Virtual Server Solutions

Private Cloud

Elevate your IT operations by transitioning to hosted private cloud. Starting at three virtual servers protected by a firewall, Massive's offering can be seamlessly expanded into a dedicated private cloud tailored to your enterprise.

Hybrid Cloud:

Converge the power of virtual servers with the capabilities of Massive's state-of-the-art data center to achieve a unified, robust, and efficient enterprise IT delivery model.

Virtual Servers

With a 50Mbps or larger One Pipe Multi-Connect®, you’ll receive a complimentary Direct Connect from the Cloud to your office tailored to your unique requirements.

Managed Servers

Massive Networks can offload procurement, configuration, and maintenance of ideal server configurations for your specific non-cloud applications.

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