Premium-BLENDED Internet

Accessing the internet is a given for people and companies of every size. Making speed, reliability, and global connectivity extremely important. So, why settle for just one internet provider when you can blend them and make your connection bulletproof?

The answer is simple – you don’t.

With Massive Networks, you can blend your Internet service up to 12 providers on a single 10Gig private backbone. Receive the best premium Internet while acting as a conduit for multiple private services.

With One Pipe, get endless routing and throughput possibilities at a competitive price. Our Premium-Blended Internet services rely on the redundancy of multiple providers that enable a seamless integration.

Premium-Blended Internet Connect Includes:

  • Blended Bandwidth – Our “never-down” policy relies on the redundancy of multiple providers that enable a seamless integration to provide endless routing and throughput possibilities, resulting in a higher level of Internet performance.
  • Intelligent Routing – Routing traffic across multiple Tier 1 Internet backbones provides reliable, stable and consistent connectivity.
  • Predictive Routing -Identify the most efficient path for your Internet traffic in real time, minimizing the risk of network outages, bottlenecks, latency, etc.
  • Isolated Public Connections – Our exclusive Layer 2 network data streaming approach isolates core data services from the Public Internet on a single handoff from our fiber backbone, increasing security and privacy.
  • Aggregated Carrier Services – Aggregating carrier services across your entire portfolio with Massive Networks gives you a single point of contact for support and network management.
Massive Networks Fiber Network


Massive Networks designs and builds a custom network solution for every customer at no charge. Then we manage it all, including best path Internet routing. Our blended mix of bandwidth providers allows us always to provide you with what should be the best route for all of your Internet traffic.

Of course, things change, and not all network designs last forever. You may want to increase the speeds or capabilities of one group of users, or you may need to upgrade the capacity in an office on the other side of the world. Massive Networks has interconnected relationships to fiber providers, local carriers, and wireless providers around the world.



Make your connection bullet proof with our Premium-Blended Internet Connect. Receive up to 12 providers on a single 10Gig private backbone. Click to view data sheet.

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