MegaLAN & GigaLAN Connect

The Massive Networks One Pipe Multi-Connect network solution contains multiple, independent, secure, and dynamic Carrier Ethernet streams of data. Using secure separate streams ensures that each service has switching autonomy meaning each stream can go in a different direction.

  • Internet streams go to our Premium-Blended Internet
  • MegaLan and GigaLan go from Office to Office, not over the Internet
  • Cloud Exchange connections go directly to Cloud Platforms and Service Providers, not over the Internet
  • Private Data Center connections from your offices go to the Massive Data Center, not over the Internet

By using Massive Networks One Pipe Multi-Connect Network solution, you can get the very most out of a Carrier Ethernet network. Separate and private streams run within the Multi-Connect technology, providing superior performance and security while getting you the most out of every system dollar.

Massive Networks will custom design a system for your company with just the right amount of each service so that your business runs smoother and more efficiently than ever. Contact Massive Networks for a free custom design and quote for your network services wherever you are in the country or the world.

Massive Nationwide Interconnected Carriers

Massive Networks pushes Carrier Ethernet to the max, intermixing Carrier Ethernet Technologies and interconnected carriers so that all your company’s sites can be together in one easily segmented LAN. We provide the flexibility the size that is right for your company.

  • MegaLan – 10Mbps to 100Mbps private Carrier Ethernet connections nationwide.
  • GigaLan – 100Mbps to 10Gig private Carrier Ethernet connections nationwide.
  • Completely Interoperable GigaLan and MegaLan are completely interchangeable and Interoperable regardless of the size you choose.
    Our MegaLan and GigaLan services are unique in the ability to connect all of your company sites with Carrier Ethernet technologies across many providers nationwide. This means no matter what technologies or which providers are available in your buildings across the nation, we can connect them all together in one LAN.

We work with your design needs and we execute. Uniquely with Massive you even have the ability Mixed Carrier Ethernet technology into LAN segments to separate location or departments all across the same One Pipe Multi-Connect solution. With our 10Gig protected backbone, we keep your traffic off the public Internet and inside your Point-To-Multi-Point Multi-Point-to-Multi-Point Carrier Ethernet Network across the nation.

Massive Carrier Ethernet products increase security, speed, and performance between your locations with Private Secure LAN Connections. Your office-to-office data traffic is securely and privately connected via the Massive Networks Private 10Gig fiber backbone, never touching the public Internet.

We are provider neutral so that we can facilitate connections across a variety of providers at the best prices. The economy and value of MegaLan/GigaLan make it possible to provide better security and performance to every office in your company.

Carrier Ethernet Without Boundaries

MegaLan and GigaLan Services can be set up across virtually any geography and any fiber provider without a VPN.

  • MegaLAN – MegaLan Services provide connections into any building from 10Mbps to 100Mbps.
  • GigaLAN – GigaLan Services provide connections between your company sites from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.
  • Mix and Match – MegaLan and GigaLan are completely inter-operable across the country. Simply select the best connection size for each office in your company and connect with all the rest.
  • One Pipe Multi-Connect and Carrier Ethernet Services – MegaLan and GigaLan can each stand alone, but the greatest value is achieved by adding them to One Pipe Multi-Connect. This allows for private Carrier Ethernet streams between all sites and secure data streams to the Public Internet and other services, all on one connection.
  • Private 10Gig Backbone
Massive Networks Carrier Ethernet Without Boundaries

MegaLAN & GigaLAN Connect

Ensure your data streams have switching autonomy with our MegaLAN and GigaLan Connect. Click here to view data sheet.

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