Cloudtrek Connect

With the Massive Cloud Exchange, you can extend your WAN to include Cloudtrek Services from any location. Because Cloud Exchange connections do not go over the public Internet, the advanced high-performance connection is secure and dedicated to your business.

With our proprietary “one port, many connections” technology you benefit from faster speeds, less latency, better security, and potential cost savings from standard Internet connections. Massive Solutions allows you to maximize port density by delivering IP Transit LAN and a Private layer two connection to the Massive cloud exchange all on a single connection.

Cloudtrek has the goal of providing best-of-class private cloud solutions — they are committed to offering competitive pricing and service excellence. Cloudtrek provides their customers 100% private cloud infrastructure with the ability to customize cloud orchestration to accommodate the ever changing needs of today’s DevOps teams.  They accommodate those organizations that need rapid deployment capabilities with a minimum learning curve and an easy to use graphical interface.  Cloudtrek’s model is based on predetermined blocks of consumption at a fixed price.

The Cloudtrek Services Connection includes:
  • Connectivity to private, bare metal, or hybrid clouds 
  • Support for Direct Connect and Direct Connect Hosted connectivity
  • Up to 60Gbps connection and virtual interfaces
Massive Networks Cloud Exchange Connect-Amazon Web Services

  • Private Cloud

    Cloudtrek helps companies quickly deploy private cloud solutions preserving their need for greater control, predictable costs, and ease of use.

    • Control – Greater levels of compliance with the ability to self-audit the datacenter.
    • Quick –   Platform that has a short learning curve, which is especially useful for those environments where I.T. staff are being empowered to build and manage in the cloud but do not have any scripting or coding experience.
    • Agile – Private cloud can be deployed on a customer’s premise and still be available in a service model.
    • Price – Starting configurations include 14 core processors, 100% SSD storage, and 10Gbps networking and optional Nvidia M60 GPU.


  • Bare Metal Cloud

    Cloudtrek Dedicated Bare metal Cloud Servers deliver complete hardware power and scalability that modern applications demand. Available with Linux or Windows. Take full control of Bare Metal provisioning with predictable, fixed price billing.

    • Instant Provisioning
    • Single-Tenant Servers
    • Reallocate resources in seconds
    • VPN Access to Server
    • API Access for Server Management
    • 24/7/365 Live Support
    • Monitoring
    • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Hybrid Cloud

    Cloudtrek Hybrid Cloud offers seamless integration between your owned hardware environment and our Private Cloud.
    On premise or collocated environments can easily be integrate into our private cloud solutions, giving your business complete control and predictable billing.

    • Unified Management
    • Bring your own storage and firewall
    • Simplify IT Deliver
    • Minimize Costs
    • Respond to changing business requirements
    • Secure Gateway and API Connect
    • AJAX Transitions

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