Cloud Exchange

Your cloud provider’s performance is only as good as your connectivity solution. Let’s place you in the driver’s seat. Connecting to major cloud service providers is becoming central to doing business and it’s time to stop crossing the public Internet to get to them.

The Massive Cloud Exchange Connect can extend your LAN from any location to include major cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Office 365, or the Google Cloud Platform. Our advanced high-performance connections are secure and dedicated to you.

The Massive Cloud Exchange Connection includes:
  • Private secure connections directly to Cloud Platforms and SaaS providers (Speeds from 10 Mbps to 10Gbps)
  • 10 Gig private network transport with predictive routing to avoid Internet bottlenecks and network slow down
  • Faster speeds, less latency, much better security
  • Combine with One Pipe Multi-Connect for services such as Premium-Blended Internet for huge cost savings over single-use Internet connections
  • Global availability and multiple configuration options
Massive Networks Cloud Exchange Connect

Drastically Increase Your Performance

If you use cloud services, like Office 365 for example, performance is directly tied to the performance of your Internet connection. Massive Cloud Exchange can provide a data stream connecting directly to Microsoft Office 365 (or other Cloud Service) so that your data exchange with Excel, Word, PowerPoint and SharePoint can operate at the speeds and performance of your internal LAN. Even more importantly, Office 365 becomes a virtual part of your LAN, safe, secure, and simple.

Fully Managed 10Gig Connections

We manage it all for you. Once you sign up for Massive Cloud Exchange, we connect a private and secure data stream from the Cloud Service Platform and SaaS provider of your choice to your network as one integrated LAN.
Our 10Gig redundant backbones ensure the highest reliability, fastest speeds, and fully integrate Cloud Services into your LAN. Then we manage, monitor, and care for your Massive Cloud Exchange connections with our 24/7/365 dedicated tech support team.

Cloud Exchange Connect

Extend your WAN to include major cloud platforms from any location. Click to view data sheet.

Microsoft Azure
  • Connectivity to Azure IaaS, PaaS and Office 365 cloud services
  • Private, public and Microsoft peering supported
  • Customer or Massive’s -provided ASN and IP block for public peering
Amazon Web Services
  • Connectivity to AWS services including EC2 compute, S3 storage, and more
  • Support for Direct Connect and Direct Connect Hosted connectivity
  • Up to 10Gbps connection and 50 virtual interfaces
Google Cloud Exchange
  • Connectivity to all Google Cloud Platform services
  • Leverage Massive’s tier-1 peered IP network and direct peering relationship with Google to connect over a private network
  • Close partnership provides fast access to GCI capabilities

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