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Massive Networks offers a variety of services. From custom designed networks to managing your network, our list of options provides businesses with a one-stop-shop solution. Below are the list of options.

One Pipe Multi-Connect Solution

In today’s always on world, security is imperative.

Our One Pipe Multi-Connect solution uses one Carrier Ethernet-enabled connection to deliver multiple, independent, and dynamic network streams of data ensuring your critical-business information is protected and secure.

Massive Networks will custom design a highly efficient, single pipe network for your company with all of the services you need configured and sized for optimal performance.

Run your business more efficiently by adding on any of the following services:

  • Premium Blended Internet Service
  • MegaLan and GigaLan Private Connections
  • Cloud Exchange Connections
  • Private Data Center Connections
  • SaaS, VOIP, Backup, or any service you need

By using the Massive One Pipe Multi-Connect Network solution, you receive superior performance while getting you the most out of every network dollar.

One Pipe Multi-Connect Services:

  • Premium-Blended Internet Connect

    Your pipe can now receive the best premium Internet while acting as a conduit for multiple private services.

    With One Pipe, start with Massive’s blended Internet to get endless routing and throughput possibilities at a competitive price. Our Premium-Blended Internet services rely on the redundancy of multiple providers that enable a seamless integration.

  • MegaLAN & GigaLAN Connect

    Use our private transport solutions to keep your office-to-office data and communications connected securely without traversing the public internet.

    In any OnePipe enabled office add on Massive’s MegaLan and GigaLan connects. This will securely bridge all of your company sites with a single LAN across multiple providers, redundant pipes, and automated failover.

  • Cloud Exchange Connect

    Stop using the Internet to access your cloud platforms from your office. Retain the Cloud benefits from hotels and remote locations while your OnePipe offices get better, faster, private, and more secure connections to MicroSoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and hundreds of Cloud solution providers.

  • Data Center Direct Connect

    Connect any and all of your Massive Colocation and Managed Servers directly to your OnePipe enabled offices.

    Now your programmers, tech support, and content people can have a direct high-capacity, secure LAN connection to your colocated infrastructure.

  • Private Network Transport

    If your using the public Internet to access your business data, you’re placing your company at risk. Connect directly to all of the major sites using our private backbone that bypasses the public Internet entirely, adding another layer of security so your critical information is safe.

  • VOIP Connect

    Your mission critical data streams are a operational priority.

    Massive’s One Pipe Multi-Connect gives your organization the performance it needs to support your office’s day-to-day communication and multimedia sessions. Get a dedicated VOIP connection so you can run your business efficiently.

  • SaaS Connect

    Accelerate your SaaS applications with One Pipe Multi-Connect.

    Take advantage of our ‘always on’ policy to connect to you SaaS applications. Massive’s One Pipe infrastructure ensures fast and seamless connectivity, so your data is available when you need it.

  • Peering Exchange Connect

    Receive the fastest and securest paths possible with Peering Exchange Connect.

    Alleviate congestion and improve your end users experience by expediting their connectivity to the Internet with Massive’s One Pipe Peering Exchange Connect.

  • Cloud Backup Service Connect

    Avoid downtime when disaster strikes, hardware fails, or ransomware infections affect your business-critical systems. Our Cloud Backup is an enterprise-grade direct-to-cloud backup solution that protects servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, all in one solution.

Any Connect

Customize your connections to any service you need. We can add it to your private network and our One Pipe Multi-Connect infrastructure.

One Pipe Multi-Connect

Get a single pipe, custom designed network solution for multiple, independent, dynamic, and secure streams of data. Click to view data sheet.

Managed Network Services

We design, procure, retrofit, build, and support networks. With our One Pipe Multi-Connect Technology, we can develop a Layer-2 Network solution built specifically for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Massive Networks core competency lies within it’s blended bandwidth from multiple T1 ISPs and port density platforms.

Most carriers offer bandwidth through one connection, Massive differs in its unique ability to merge the carrier connections (up to 12) on one single solution. Though their primary focus is not dedicated to bandwidth, they’re blended approach provides clients with an “always on, always available” solution providing the customer with reliable Internet. Additionally Massive Networks is known for its multitasking circuit expertise.

Massive serves a variety of distinguished clients, from the educational arena to well known financial establishments.

With Massive’s proprietary “one port, many connections” technology, a company can benefit from faster speeds, lower latency, better security, as well as save money in the process.

Massive is Type II SSAE 16 and SOC 1 & 2, HIPAA and PCI compliant.

Massive is built on state of the art technology that is delivered through a Layer 2 platform taking business-critical data off the public Internet.

Massive Cloud Exchange can provide a data stream connecting directly to Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Google Platform, or other Cloud Service companies that you may need to connect to so that your data exchange can operate at the speeds and performance of your internal LAN. Even more importantly, your cloud service becomes a virtual part of your LAN, safe, secure, and simple.

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