One Pipe Multi-Connect®

A single Circuit network

For increased security performance & Reliability

Our One Pipe Multi-Connect® solution uses one connection to deliver multiple, independent, and dynamic network streams of data ensuring your critical business information is protected and secure.

Massive Networks will design a highly efficient, scalable, single pipe network for your company with all of the services you need configured and sized for optimal performance.


Every One Pipe Multi-Connect® connects your offices, Internet, data centers and cloud platforms with the most reliable, fastest, and secure networks. With our dedicated presence in strategic POPs and dedicated Layer 2 Ethernet advantages, each connection is configured to minimize hops, latency, jitter, and packet loss.


One Pipe Multi-Connect® uses a single circuit connection to deliver multiple independent data streams. Add circuits between offices, data centers, and cloud platforms can now be provisioned in just days, rather than weeks and eliminates the need for additional circuits for each new service. This efficient single circuit solution helps save your business money.


One brilliant strategy to improve cybersecurity hygiene is to reduce the attack surface by moving confidential data and workloads off of the public Layer 3 Internet,  on to the Layer 2 private Ethernet connection of the Massive One Pipe Multi-Connect® which helps improve security.



  • Premium Blended Internet Connect: provides multiple Tier 1 ISPs for superior Internet availability and performance.
  • Office to Office Connect®: connect offices with private Layer 2 Ethernet
    connections eliminating VPN services traversing the public Internet.
  • Cloud Connect: direct network connections between customer location and any multi-cloud platforms.
  • Data Center Connect: connect offices to data center(s) with private Layer 2 Ethernet connections.
Build your One Pipe Multi-Connect® today: Start with a single Connect Service, add more as your business grows.

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