Scalable & Secure

Next-Gen Firewall Protection from Cyber Threats

We partner with Fortinet to provide scalable and secure SD-WAN solutions with Next-Gen firewall services. Fortinet’s leading security against cyber threats for mid-sized to large enterprises. With system-on-a-chip acceleration and deployment simplicity, Fortinet’s security-driven approach is at the forefront of the industry. 

Streamlined Management & Security

  • Protects encrypted and non-encrypted traffic from malware, exploits, and malicious activity
  • Uses continuous threat intelligence to detect against known and unknown attacks 
  • SPU technology ensures ultra-low latency and best-in-class threat protection performance
  • Advanced networking capabilities that integrate seamlessly with VDOMs & existing 7-layer security
  • Simple to use, intuitive management console with comprehensive automation and visibility
  • Enables Massive Networks & Fabric-ready partners to offer a more comprehensive suite of services, including visibility, end-to-end-detection, threat intelligence sharing, and automation

Consistent SD-WAN Performance

  • Accurate detection, reliable performance, and dynamic WAN path-steering on WAN transport
  • Faster multi-cloud access complete with cloud-onramp and reliable SaaS adoption
  • Real-time analytics and historical analytics for performance visibility and anomaly identification
  • Easy-to-use workflow tactics with simplified SD-WAN orchestrator
  • Next-gen firewall protection with automated overlay tunnels for encryption and management simplicity
  • Self-healing networks with traffic switchover-based sub-second, high availability for WAN edge, and traffic steering over realtime bandwidth

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