Case Study

Medical Case Study

Seamless Networking: Empowering Healthcare with Uninterrupted Connectivity

Medical case study

Addressing the intricate needs of healthcare networking, our solution forged a reliable, multi-segmented LAN across diverse offices, enhancing EMR transfers, VOIP stability, and cloud connections. With secure, dedicated streams and direct routing to critical platforms, patient care efficiency soared.

The Challenge

  • To connect all of the branch offices that span across multiple regions and provider areas with a reliable and high-performing network. Additionally, to do this in a cost-effective manner.
  • Data-intensive EMRs and Image transfer require high-capacity bandwidth and redundant networking to ensure patients receive premium care.
  • Network downtime affecting critical operations such as VOIP and EHS.
  • Cloud connections to Citrix and Office 365 are slow and at times unreliable due to Internet slowdowns.
  • Upgrading and connecting MPLS networks is expensive, and because MPLS network spans multiple providers interoffice networking requires VPN concentrators and multiple authentication layers for the users.

The Solution

  • Massive One Pipe Multi-Connect covers all locations, across all available fiber providers, two or more Carrier Ethernet streams of E-LAN segments, Premium Blended Internet, and Peering Exchange.
  • Massive Networks Layer 2 Network design allows the deployment of separated E-LAN streams providing a multi-segmented LAN across all offices. Enabling sharing of imaging resources, internal servers, and EMR systems in the LAN rather than across all parts of a WAN.
  • Since all LAN services never cross the Internet, single sign-on solutions that can be used.
  • Each office’s One Pipe Multi-Connect provides a stream dedicated to our Blended Internet for the highest information gathering and transfer across the Internet on one connection with, but completely separated and secured from the LAN Traffic.
  • Each office receives advantages of Massive Peering Exchange to get directly routed connections to Citrix and Office 365.