Case Study

Education Case Study

Empowering Education: Seamless Connectivity For Evolving Learning

Education Case Study

Overcoming hurdles of connectivity, our tailored solutions provided robust 1 Gbps links and advanced Ethernet services, fostering a network that adapts and scales effortlessly to meet the dynamic demands of modern education.

The Challenge

  • Connecting all schools and administrative buildings to support online collaborative learning and communications.
  • Supporting the widespread use of handheld devices of approximately 64,000 students.
  • Cost-effectively implementing an advanced network that is versatile and future-proof for ever-changing needs.

The Solution

  • 1 Gbps One Pipe Multi-Connect links to each School and a 10Gbps One Pipe Multi-Connect handoff with diverse fiber paths to the district office.
  • Layer 2 Carrier Ethernet Services providing GigaLan services for fast, scalable, and customizable VLAN-based network interconnecting schools and Offices.
  • Carrier Ethernet solutions providing technical staff with the flexibility to define and test CE-based VLAN tagging, migrate network topology or dynamically adjust bandwidth profiles to meet changing application needs.
  • Migration of school network topologies to a differentiated service model can be simply implemented and increases bandwidth profiles to meet application demands.