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Discover how One Pipe Multi-Connect with Cloud Connect saves customers money on egress fees every month.

Reasons to make the switch to Massive Networks:

  • Significantly Reduce Cloud Egress Fees
  • Privatize Your Cloud Connectivity
  • Reduce Security Threats & Attack Surface
  • Improve Network Performance
  • Reduce Network Hops, Latency and Jitter
  • Easy to Provision and Even Easier to Scale


When utilizing a One Pipe Multi-Connect with multiple Connect Services like Cloud Connect over the same last mile, Massive Networks can reduce your monthly bill while enhancing service, reliability and increasing security.

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  2. Select the % of traffic used by all your locations

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DISCLOSURES: Costs may vary, additional taxes and fees may apply. For an official quote contact our sales team. Any data, estimated fees, monthly bills, or egress fees provided is for comparison purposes ONLY and NOT a formal quote. Public cloud access fees vary from provider to provider, consult your cloud provider for your current fee schedules. Accuracy of this calculator is not guaranteed, and Massive Networks is not liable for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations.

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