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We have prepared this Privacy Notice to explain how, why, and when we collect data from you on our website. Please note that this Privacy Notice only applies to data that we collect when you visit the Massive Networks website at 1. About Our Services Massive Networks uses targeted advertising services. When you visit […]

Regulatory Fees and Surcharges

Partner Login | Customer Login | 303.800.1300 MASSIVE NETWORKS’ rates and charges for Service(s) are exclusive of the following charges and surcharges. Also, the following will not count toward the attainment of any volume or revenue commitment and are not subject to discount. 1.1 Federal Universal Service Fund Surcharge (“FUSF”) is a monthly surcharge which allows […]

Acceptable Use Policy

All MASSIVE NETWORKS (hereinafter “MASSIVE NETWORKS”) customers are responsible for reviewing and complying with this Acceptable Use Policy. MASSIVE NETWORKS customers who provide services to their own users must affirmatively and contractually pass on the restrictions of this Acceptable Use Policy to their users, and take steps to ensure compliance by their users with this Acceptable Use […]

Service Guide

The terms and conditions of this Service Guide are subject to modification upon 30 days prior notice to Customer (“Notice”). MASSIVE NETWORKS will provide any such Notice to Customer by one of the following methods, and MASSIVE NETWORKS shall solely determine at the time of the Notice which of the methods described here is appropriate […]

Service Level Agreements

Partner Login | Customer Login | 303.800.1300 Massive Networks have several variations of service level agreements. Please select from the list of product types to view a PDF copy of the service level agreement. DIA SLA DATACENTER SLA WAVE SLA ETHERNET SLA

Massive Networks – OnePipe Multi-Connect. One physical connection provides multiple secure services.

While most carriers offer / require one physical fiber connection per delivered service. Massive Networks differs in its unique ability to securely segregate multiple services, all on a single connection. With its proprietary OnePipe Multi-Connect “one port, many connections” technology, their team builds, deploys and manages, custom-designed networks with a blended network approach of Layer-2 […]

Massive Networks Unveils Lit Building Locator for Identifying Service-Lit Building Availability, Ordering Services

Happy 40th Birthday To The IT Channel!

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of the IBM PC. I joined the company 13 years after (as an intern in the help desk) supporting the proprietary PS/1, the PS/2, home Aptiva, and OS/2 Warp.  More important than the decisions that were made during the rapid product development (outsourcing processor to small company […]

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