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Ethernet: 3 Reasons Why It’s An Economical Alternative for Enterprises

The telecom marketplace is a fragmented one.
It’s difficult to understand what options are available and which service is the most economical to select to connect a site to your network. As IT decision-makers look for cost-effective options when upgrading communications, data storage, or other critical aspects of the business, Carrier Ethernet is a viable option to consider.
According to the Vertical Systems Group, the penetration of fiber-lit buildings has increased to 49.6% in the past year making Ethernet over fiber a preferred service of enterprises for reliability and scalability.
To help you with your next communication upgrade selection, Massive Networks has broken Carrier Ethernet into three economically friendly groups – cost, convenience, and customization
The good news is that it’s lower. In fact, Carrier Ethernet offers a lower price point per Mbps when compared to its stepsister – MPLS. Ranging from $50-$150 per Mbps per month including voice, versus its sibling MPLS, which runs from $75-$200 per Mbps per month, going with the Carrier Ethernet option increases your value for high bandwidth connectivity for data centers or services.
Carrier Ethernet is easy to implement as well as manage. Many service providers offer a single sign-on platform that gives IT managers the tools they need for complete visibility and control of their large-scale networks, making monitoring and troubleshooting far simpler.
In today’s workspace, flexibility matters. Carrier Ethernet offers scalable bandwidth options for enterprises looking to jump between 10, 100, or even 1000 Mbps. These adjustments can be customized based on your company’s needs using software-defined applications at the Network Operations Center (NOC) without a service provider needing to make a site visit. Its customization at it’s finest!
In summary, if you’re in the market for enterprise communication applications or big data management services, keep Carrier Ethernet in mind as your preferred connectivity option. It’s a phenomenal alternative to high-cost MPLS and VPN services. Check out our MPLS versus Carrier Ethernet comp article for further information.


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