Increase Your Network Reliability: 6 SD-WAN Benefits

How does your company access its business applications?
Most enterprise businesses rely on the Internet to support remote workers and branch offices, essentially turning their WAN into an Internet-based VPN.
As corporations migrate their applications from data centers to the cloud, many networking technicians have realized that traditional WANs are not set up to for a dynamic, Internet-based environment. This can create a negative experience for the user when backhauling traffic to the cloud from their satellite branches and their headquarters.
Historically, the Internet has been a blend of networks. Though connectivity has become easier, security and reliability continue to be a problem when meeting the requirements of a business. Additionally, bandwidth-intensive business applications can affect its performance.
Security, reliability, and networking costs should be the top concerns for your businesses IT department, and Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) can help overcome these limitations.
6 SD-WAN Benefits:

  1. Multi-carrier connectivity and redundancy increase system reliability by 90%.
  2. Integrated multi-line WAN acceleration, compression, and encryption can increase bandwidth by ten times without the additional cost.
  3. Failover for applications based on WAN metrics prevents packet loss, packet delay, and jitter. This helps maximize users experience especially if they’re in a call or service center.
  4. Works with dynamic rotating IP addresses, which helps reduce monthly costs.
  5. Centrally manage services to propagate network configuration and application policies.
  6. Utilize data prioritization with a class of service, quality of service, traffic shaping, and inbound/outbound policies to enhance VOIP and video services.

Overcome your connectivity dilemmas by giving your network managers the confidence they need to integrate business applications with SD-WANs easily.


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