Do Digital Better – Start With Your Network

Is your network secure, up to date, and operating at the speed of your business? For most IT teams or technology managers, this scenario is unrealistic.
Managing a network involves a ton of manual activities.
From installing probes, building VPN tunnels, logging into CLIs for each device, and parsing what is returned – all to ensure your company isn’t exposed to downtime or the latest security threat. On top of that hiring, training, and retaining adequate in-house talent to keep your operation stable and technology current is difficult. The cold hard truth is, you’re doing anything and everything to keep your head above water.
Are Managed Network Services Right For Your Company?
There comes a point when every organization must make a decision about how to manage its network. Think of the following two scenarios:

  1. Small to medium-sized businesses:
    Should you be focusing on managing the network yourselves?
  2. For larger enterprises:
    Which aspects of network management should you outsource?

Regardless of which category you fell into, Managed Network Services can:

  • Save you the time and expense of training staff
  • Deliver high-quality and high-availability network services
  • Define and monitor Quality of Service (QoS) and Class of Service (CoS) parameters
  • Help secure data, transactions, and communications
  • Maintain privacy and security regulations
  • Deliver services to remote offices and workers
  • Selecting The Right Provider

Once you’ve explored your options on whether outsourcing your managed services is right for you, the next step is finding the right provider. Many types of providers offer a range of services with various management models. From large telecom carrier offerings to small “boutique” providers that offer hosted services, the process can be confusing and hard to follow. For most organizations, the right provider falls somewhere in the middle —an MSP that maintains its own network and offers an extensive selection of managed services.
Ultimately, it boils up to identifying the best fit with the most cost-effective solution. To keep you on track, see our Tips for Selecting a Managed Network Service Provider resource.


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