Tips for Selecting a Managed Service Provider

Selecting a company to manage your business network and applications is not easy.
So, how do you know which one is right for your business?
It’s important to evaluate the key offerings the service provider has available. As an example, will your business receive fully managed, secure, and independent connection streams with dynamic routing? Is their team of technical experts available 24/7/365?
To make sure your network is always running smoothly you’ll need to know if the managed service provider uses state of the art tools to monitor your network. To help, we’ve put together a 5-step checklist that you can use to confirm you’re making the right choice.
How to identify the right Managed Service Provider:
1. Does the provider manage outside of your network?
Make sure the network provider can support all of your local, national, and global needs.
2. What do the fees entail?
To get the best pricing for the service your company needs, research their packages.
3. What will my IT Team be responsible for?
Your IT Team should focus on the core of your business, not someone else’s. Ensure the support is all-inclusive.
4. Can the provider retrofit to your businesses network?
The managed service provider should design the network around your system to boost productivity and profitability.
5. Private networking drives security.
Keep your data and network security with only Internet traffic going to the Internet.
For a downloadable checklist, see our Tips for Selecting a Managed Service Provider resource.



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