Private Network Transport

Our Ethernet transport concepts combine the power of our fully meshed global fiber network with Ethernet network services which allow you transmit your most sensitive data with the confidence that it’s not on the public Internet – you provide the locations and we transport the packets. We provide solutions that fit your private line needs, whether it’s point-to-point or point-to-multipoint. Take advantage of our high-speed fiber backbone and we will configure them as you wish.

Ethernet Internet is becoming the preferred choice for wide area broadband connectivity for businesses of all sizes. Companies are adopting Ethernet services as a cost-effective and reliable way to scale and support voice, data, and video.

Massive’ s robust fiber optic network connects to 1.7 Million office buildings located in over 250 metro markets; additionally, Massive Networks is one of the largest providers of on-net Ethernet over Copper services in the country extending our reach globally to 181 countries.

Ethernet Point-to-Point and Point to Multi Point

  • Dedicated Ethernet connections which do not traverse the public internet
  • VLAN-based connectivity that combines voice, data, cloud services on a single handoff to each of your locations
  • Creative configurations and topologies
  • Quality of Service (QOS) prioritization by VLAN, packet type or destination
  • Reliable and secure data transport

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